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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Following the resolution of the 18th General Assembly of the Association of Conservators of Monuments, the Association, along with the National Board of Heritage and Cracow University of Technology, undertakes the organisation of the

International Edition
October 6 – 10, 2015
Warsaw – Cracow

Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Prof. MAŁGORZATA OMILANOWSKA, is the Honorary Patron of the Congress; PIOTR ŻUCHOWSKI, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, General Conservator of Monuments of the Republic of Poland accepted the post of the Head of the Honorary Committee.

2nd CONGRESS OF POLISH CONSERVATORS, according to the concept of its organisers, is to provide a comprehensive summary of the state of protection of cultural heritage in the last decade as well as it is to provide a room for debate on new challenges for heritage and on the quest for a new model of its effective protection and integration with the current needs. We expect that Poland – as a full member of the European Union and as a country facing new stages of dynamic development – will be able to optimise its national doctrine of protection, its legal system and organisational structures serving both the heritage and our cultural identity, while preserving the principles of universalism and pluralism.

Among the honorary guests of the CONGRESS there will be pre-eminent representatives of the world and European conservation circles, among others: Gustavo Aroaz – President of ICOMOS, Alfredo Conti – Vice-President of ICOMOS, Kristi Kovanen – Secretary General of ICOMOS, Jean-Louis Luxen – former Secretary General of ICOMOS, Maurizio Di Stefano – President of the Italian National Committee ICOMOS, Stefano Bertocci – Professor of the University in Florence, Mario Docci – Professor of the La Sapienza University in Rome, Susana Mora – Professor of the University in Madrid, Prof. Andre De Naeyer – Professor of the University in Antwerp.

We cordially invite the representatives of Polish academic and cultural circles, scholars and creative professionals, members of the Association of Conservators of Monuments and other sister organisations, employees of the state conservation service, and generally professionals of many disciplines, both theoreticians and practicing ones, to participate in the 2nd CONGRESS OF POLISH CONSERVATORS and to present their research, experiences, accomplishments and thoughts that shall amount to the proceedings and results of the 2nd CONGRESS. Considerable participation of international proffesionals is expected, which will provide theoretical and practical knowledge enriching the final resolution of the Congress.

Prof. Andrzej Kadłuczka
Chairman of the Board of the Association of Conservators of Monuments

Prof. Małgorzata Rozbicka
Head of the National Heritage Board of Poland

Prof. Kazimierz Furtak
Rector of the Cracow University of Technology

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