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During the PLENARY SESSION on 6 October 2015, which will be led by the moderators, there will be the presentation of 10 – 12 REPORTS which regard the proposed scope of problems to be discussed by the Congress. REPORTS which will be prepared by the experts invited by the Organisers will contain the diagnosis of the state of heritage protection and the prognoses (conclusions) for further works regarding enhancing the quality of principles and methods of protection as well as the legislative and systemic verifications. Conclusions contained in the REPORTS – supplemented by the postulates discussed during the sessions of the Thematic Sections – will provide the basis for the proposal of the final RESOLUTION OF THE CONGRESS. The proposal will be prepared by the moderators of the Plenary Session and of the Thematic Sessions.

Within the framework of the Thematic Sessions, INTERVENTIONS of 15 minutes are foreseen, containing conclusions regarding the scope of issues of the Congress, as well as a discussion and formulation of postulates to be passed to the team editing the RESOLUTION. The RESOLUTION will be accepted at the Closing Plenary Session on 8th October 2015.

REPORTS presented at the Plenary Session will be published in the bilingual version (Polish / English) and made available to the participants of the Congress, whereby the INTERVENTIONS which were qualified for presentation and other ones which were accepted for publication, shall be published (in their respective original language) in a publication of several volumes and made available for the participants of the Congress. The publication will be prepared as a qualified academic one, published by the Cracow University of Technology and rated at 6 points by the official register of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.