1. Strategy of protection of cultural heritage in the context of principles of spatial policy for the sustainable development – national, regional, local level: cultural heritage in national and regional spatial development plans, problems of sustainable development and cultural ecosystems, protection of historic towns, historic architectural and urban complexes in local spatial development plans and in plans of revitalisation and revalorisation, designs of development of historic listed architectural and urban structures, planning of development in the cultural landscape and in potential archaeological sites, archaeological heritage.
  2. Contemporary doctrines and conservation principles, universalism and identity – facts, myths, chances: doctrines, principles, theory of monument protection, national and regional doctrines, universalism vs. tradition and identity, tangible and intangible values, renovation, conservation, reconstruction, revalorisation, authenticity of heritage and its bearers, matter, form, memory, signs and codes of the past.
  3. System of cultural heritage protection in Poland, methodology, legislation, structures, forms of financing – National Programme of Protection of Monuments – tasks and priorities: systems of protection, legislation, financing, monitoring, research and documentation of heritage, databases, methodology and interdisciplinary approach to conservation, traditional and modern tools, techniques and technologies, heritage as a tourist product and the source of development.
  4. Role of conservation service in maintaining resources of cultural heritage:  policy of the conservation service: primum non nocere, protective conservation and the ‘rule of good continuation’, cultural continuity, interpretation and protection of values, place of heritage in the contemporary world, contemporary use of historic listed structures, adaption, modernization, integration, protection as creation, new art in the context of the past.
  5. Meaning of general, professional, academic and permanent education for protection of cultural heritage and its accessibility, cultural tourism – Monument of History: general education for the sake of monument protection, professional higher education, specialist studies, promotion of heritage and its didactic role, new tasks for the institutions of culture, eco-museum and its social mission for historic consciousness, heritage vs. mass media and multimedia.
  6. Innovative techniques and technologies in historic space – prospection, documentation, monitoring and popularisation: joint specialist panel of the Second Congress and the Trade Fair MT Polska – guidance: Andrzej Gołembnik (SKZ)

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